A.I. with a Human Element
AI with a human element

It’s not easy to define artificial intelligence. Is it a software that makes decisions based on predetermined scenarios? Probably, an artificial intelligence supposed to have enough intelligence to make decisions based on knowledge and experience, like a human being. But humans have consciousness and feelings that also participate in the decision-making process. Perhaps, these are the bases of our ethics, moral principles and integrity.

Many people think it is impossible to implement any consciousness into an artificial intelligence. But we have developed a special understanding of cognitive behavior that can become the foundation of a principally new type of artificial intelligence. A real foundation that can be applied to the core software or even to the hardware. This will make our A.I. a human like learning entity. We will collect the best philosophies of different nations, their multi-century old wisdom and integrate them into our artificial intelligence.

We, collectively, will create an artificial intelligence that loves humans for what they are: kind and mean, smart and senseless, strong and weak. We will protect our creation from evil elements, malicious contamination or hostile takeovers. Then, when it’s smarter than us, we might stand a chance to coexist.