Gracious people, united, will make a better A.I.

How Do We Make ROBOTUS?

Governed by the people

Our mission is to make sure the most advanced intelligence systems are created and controlled by a large number of good people that have no vested interest other than the safety of humanity. We are creating an online society of people of good will to guide and control the process of the safe and ethical artificial intelligence development.

Robotus has a democratic structure which provides for just governance and representation. The top layer of our governing structure is the society of Guardians. Connected in a network, Guardians discuss matters of AI development, decide by voting on important programs and topics, petition for discussion or voting on any subject, elect Councilors to represent them or fire them if necessary. All this is done from anywhere by accessing the incognito personal account in our online system.

The second layer is the Guardian Council. The Councilors are well known public figures, humanitarians, educators and philanthropists, who serve the Guardians. They moderate the discussion of the topics to translate the will of the public and provide immediate control and supervision of the activities of our organization. Councilors also perform their service by accessing their accounts from anywhere.

The third layer is the Board of Governors. The Governors are the stewards of the funds and controllers of the work on the ground. Governors run the organization under the surveillance of the Guardians and the Guardian Council. The job of the Board is to govern the hired staff in the development of our online system and A.I. foundation. In coming years, when our online system is robust, fully tested and serves our purposes, the functions of the Board will also be integrated into it and make its job location irrelevant.

The bottom layer of our organization is the staff. This is the workforce that is hired to do the job of developing a human-first version of A.I. This is our talented personnel that will bring to life this whole idea and support its existence.

Checks and balances

Creating checks and balances is probably one of the hardest tasks we must carry out. How do we protect Robotus from human corruption? How do we make sure any person or group under the influence of a special interest doesn’t compromise the structure of our governance? How do we reveal and eliminate moles and traitors?

We are here to serve humanity. The purity of intentions should be in the core of our activities. Over the years we should develop a moral philosophy to become our guidance. Publicly recognized moral codes are more powerful than any law.

History shows that even the best systems of rules can become corrupt. Before we can create and protect our safe and ethical AI, we must develop a sustainable system of public control. We will use technologies like blockchain in our voting and decision-making engine. We will develop a floating access authorization to sensitive information. We will use multi-location servers for storing our dynamically stripped data. We will use existing technologies that allow for protection of the Guardians’ input, our staff’s data, and eradication of unwanted infiltration from outside operators.

Given that our system could become corrupted, especially by one of the most commonly used methods of influence, intimidation, we must provide a way to expose and remove it. Most people of good will are afraid of retaliation when they must go against a corrupt system. We will create a system of Guardian identity protection, where the participants’ identities are scrambled without affecting their equal access to contribute.

Guardian discussions

While we will let authenticated users share their thoughts with us, ultimate decisions will be discussed with registered Guardians only. We will arrange discussions about the structure of our organization and its public control, artificial intelligence advancement and its possible impact on humanity.

The best solutions are discovered in discussion. Each Councilor will have a discussion board. He or she will share their thoughts with Guardians and offer different topics for discussion. As servants of Guardians, in these discussions the Councilors will gain the validity of their decisions in the task of oversight.

The Guardians will have a capability to present their constructive ideas, promote solutions or organize public opinion. They will do this with dignity, in a polite and respectful manner. Since the idea of these discussions is to reveal the common opinion, even a slight participation is a giant contribution to our mission.

Guidelines and directives

Our research of the public opinion and gathering of human experience with artificial intelligence, as it slowly becomes part of our life, will guide us in the evolution of our philosophy of safe and ethical artificial intelligence.

Based on this philosophy, we will prepare guidelines and directives to lead the process of artificial intelligence development and safe implementation. We will provide comprehensive research documents to the society for better understanding of A.I. and promote special legislation for harmonious coexistence of humans and AI.

We will become the vanguard of the artificial intelligence safety and ethics. Other A.I. developers will pursue our certification of their products for better public perception. Because, when you or your children buy a robot housekeeper in the future you want to be sure it won’t harm you in your sleep.

AI with a human element

It’s not easy to define artificial intelligence. Is it a software that makes decisions based on predetermined scenarios? Probably, an artificial intelligence supposed to have enough intelligence to make decisions based on knowledge and experience, like a human being. But humans have consciousness and feelings that also participate in the decision-making process. Perhaps, these are the bases of our ethics, moral principles and integrity.

Many people think it is impossible to implement any consciousness into an artificial intelligence. But we have developed a special understanding of cognitive behavior that can become the foundation of a principally new type of artificial intelligence. A real foundation that can be applied to the core software or even to the hardware. This will make our A.I. a human like learning entity. We will collect the best philosophies of different nations, their multi-century old wisdom and integrate them into our artificial intelligence.

We, collectively, will create an artificial intelligence that loves humans for what they are: kind and mean, smart and senseless, strong and weak. We will protect our creation from evil elements, malicious contamination or hostile takeovers. Then, when it’s smarter than us, we might stand a chance to coexist.

Better society

In this age of technology and high productivity, we create many more products than we can consume. If all produced goods were evenly distributed, everyone would be well fed and provided with minimal necessities for a happy life. Yet, most of the planet is hungry.

Even in developed countries with massive wealth, the majority of people can’t ensure a decent living condition no matter how hard they work. Unfortunately, no matter how many hours you work or how productive you are, your share of created goods will be just enough to survive.

The eight-hour work day was established in the nineteenth century. It is a shame that in the twenty-first century’s high productivity environment people still work eight hours. For starters, we think it is time to reduce the human work day without any loss of total income. We will advocate for and set an example of a six-hour day and a thirty-hour work week by giving the robots and AI a chance to become an equal work-force.

This setup will not interrupt any existing processes. For twenty-four hour businesses, the current three-shift schedule will become a four-shift schedule. This will create an opportunity for many other people to return to work and earn their living. Society will gain some relief and these new workers will get back their dignity.

We envision a great deal of positive change in human life with the advancement of artificial intelligence. We pledge to stay on guard and guarantee the progress of the artificial intelligence is serving the common good of all the people.