Checks and Balances
Checks and balances

Creating checks and balances is probably one of the hardest tasks we must carry out. How do we protect Robotus from human corruption? How do we make sure any person or group under the influence of a special interest doesn’t compromise the structure of our governance? How do we reveal and eliminate moles and traitors?

We are here to serve humanity. The purity of intentions should be in the core of our activities. Over the years we should develop a moral philosophy to become our guidance. Publicly recognized moral codes are more powerful than any law.

History shows that even the best systems of rules can become corrupt. Before we can create and protect our safe and ethical AI, we must develop a sustainable system of public control. We will use technologies like blockchain in our voting and decision-making engine. We will develop a floating access authorization to sensitive information. We will use multi-location servers for storing our dynamically stripped data. We will use existing technologies that allow for protection of the Guardians’ input, our staff’s data, and eradication of unwanted infiltration from outside operators.

Given that our system could become corrupted, especially by one of the most commonly used methods of influence, intimidation, we must provide a way to expose and remove it. Most people of good will are afraid of retaliation when they must go against a corrupt system. We will create a system of Guardian identity protection, where the participants’ identities are scrambled without affecting their equal access to contribute.