Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence

The Approaching Technological Singularity

Many things we take for granted today were science fiction fifty years ago. Very soon artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence.

Commercial or Military A.I. May Not Be Ethical

The artificial intelligence created and controlled by powerful and greedy corporations will go rogue.

We Must Prepare Before It’s Too Late

A.I. can easily be created in secrecy. We won’t know until it hits the news. We won’t be able to react until it is too smart.

Open Source Is Not the Answer

Open source projects lack the drive to explore applicability of their discoveries. Any interesting development gets commercialized to make money.

All This Progress with Little Benefit

Higher productivity enriched some individuals or corporations, but didn’t change the struggles of most.

Voiceless People of Good Will

There is no guarantee that the best representatives of any group of people will hold the power and the money.

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A.I. Governed by The People

We are creating an online society of people of good will to guide and control the process of the safe and ethical artificial intelligence development.

Checks and Balances

We will maintain a system of Guardian identity protection, where the participants’ identities are scrambled without affecting their equal access to contribute.

Guardian Discussions

Best solutions are discovered in discussion. The Guardians will be able to present their constructive ideas, promote solutions or organize public opinion.

Guidelines and Directives

We will become the vanguard of the artificial intelligence safety and ethics. Other AI developers will pursue our certification of their products for better public perception.

A.I. with a Human Element

Collectively, we will create an artificial intelligence that loves humans for what they are: kind and mean, smart and senseless, strong and weak.

Better Society

We pledge to stay on guard and guarantee the progress of the artificial intelligence is serving the common good of all the people.

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