Open Source Is Not the Answer
Open source

It might seem like the open source model could be the way develop a safe and ethical A.I. There are already some open source or public projects developing artificial intelligence. They involve very smart and enthusiastic people who work hard to get these organizations going. Some contributors are paying back to the community, some are eager to find answers, and some are just ambitious to be part of the process.

Most of these projects are on the level of hobbyists, organized just for fun. These projects are a good place for young volunteers to gain experience, learn to be part of a team, satisfy their ego and find cool solutions. Unfortunately, these projects lack the drive and resources to explore applicability of their discoveries.

Other projects are funded and controlled by special interests in a search of applicable discoveries. Any interesting development will be commercialized to make money. It’s not that something is wrong in creating a supply for a demand, but the creation of an advanced A.I. is a special case with future implications.