Voiceless People of Good Will
Voiceless people

Some people are more fortunate than others. Hard work alone cannot explain why. It's unlikely that a billionaire worked a million times longer or harder, to get that much ahead of others. There is no guarantee that the best representatives of any group of people will hold the power and the money. Maybe, because some people are more aggressive and cruel, they won’t hesitate to grab and deprive. These people create governing structures, within their own kind, where the corruption strangles any conscious remorse. "Carrot and stick" work well in these systems.

While these people are ready to sell their soul to the devil, others, perhaps more cultivated and kind, won’t betray their principles. They won’t go against their own beliefs, they won’t let down their parents, they won’t send a wrong message to their children, they won’t. That will cost them dearly. While these people of good will may have a happier and more meaningful life they are not represented well, they can’t influence important decisions of the society, it is not up to their liking what to do and how to do it. All these decisions are made by the people of power and money in the deceptive democracy game.