A.I. Governed by The People
Governed by the people

Our mission is to make sure the most advanced intelligence systems are created and controlled by a large number of good people that have no vested interest other than the safety of humanity. We are creating an online society of people of good will to guide and control the process of the safe and ethical artificial intelligence development.

Robotus has a democratic structure which provides for just governance and representation. The top layer of our governing structure is the society of Guardians. Connected in a network, Guardians discuss matters of AI development, decide by voting on important programs and topics, petition for discussion or voting on any subject, elect Councilors to represent them or fire them if necessary. All this is done from anywhere by accessing the incognito personal account in our online system.

The second layer is the Guardian Council. The Councilors are well known public figures, humanitarians, educators and philanthropists, who serve the Guardians. They moderate the discussion of the topics to translate the will of the public and provide immediate control and supervision of the activities of our organization. Councilors also perform their service by accessing their accounts from anywhere.

The third layer is the Board of Governors. The Governors are the stewards of the funds and controllers of the work on the ground. Governors run the organization under the surveillance of the Guardians and the Guardian Council. The job of the Board is to govern the hired staff in the development of our online system and A.I. foundation. In coming years, when our online system is robust, fully tested and serves our purposes, the functions of the Board will also be integrated into it and make its job location irrelevant.

The bottom layer of our organization is the staff. This is the workforce that is hired to do the job of developing a human-first version of A.I. This is our talented personnel that will bring to life this whole idea and support its existence.