Better Society
Better society

In this age of technology and high productivity, we create many more products than we can consume. If all produced goods were evenly distributed, everyone would be well fed and provided with minimal necessities for a happy life. Yet, most of the planet is hungry.

Even in developed countries with massive wealth, the majority of people can’t ensure a decent living condition no matter how hard they work. Unfortunately, no matter how many hours you work or how productive you are, your share of created goods will be just enough to survive.

The eight-hour work day was established in the nineteenth century. It is a shame that in the twenty-first century’s high productivity environment people still work eight hours. For starters, we think it is time to reduce the human work day without any loss of total income. We will advocate for and set an example of a six-hour day and a thirty-hour work week by giving the robots and AI a chance to become an equal work-force.

This setup will not interrupt any existing processes. For twenty-four hour businesses, the current three-shift schedule will become a four-shift schedule. This will create an opportunity for many other people to return to work and earn their living. Society will gain some relief and these new workers will get back their dignity.

We envision a great deal of positive change in human life with the advancement of artificial intelligence. We pledge to stay on guard and guarantee the progress of the artificial intelligence is serving the common good of all the people.