Commercial or Military A.I. May Not Be Ethical
Commercial or military AI

Artificial intelligence is being developed by many commercial and military organizations for making money, gaining power or providing security. Commercial projects mostly start with good intentions of improving our lives by giving better products and services. But in any commercial project the main goal is to make money for the investors, or gain power by gathering and controlling information to make even more money. Money, money, money. Do you think a greedy corporation cares about future consequences?

The military and defense sectors, with their deep pockets, of any country are very interested in advanced artificial intelligence. Most of the A.I. being created for security and defense is developed by third party private vendors with government contracts. Money and power again. Some soulless, bribed official in an unaccountable government are going to make an unintended existential decision. Of course, everything will be nicely wrapped in the package of security and protection.