Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence


With a Collective Public Wisdom

There is a lot of anxiety about artificial intelligence rapidly barging into our lives. Many unsafe and unethical applications pursued by some commercial and military organizations are making the general population fear the future. Though A.I. is also used in many applications that provide useful services, the fear and anxiety are creating a hostile attitude toward A.I.

We hear many calls for government control of A.I. and robots. Governments may control them, but we know governments won’t do a good job. No restriction will stop the creation of evil artificial intelligence by some rich and powerful organizations. And we, the people, won’t be able to prevent it. Inevitably, only a balance of good and evil will resolve existential issues of humanity.

Robotus AI, an artificial general intelligence governed by a large number of humanitarians, will represent people of good will. Robotus AI will be the voice of the people who are less fortunate, shy to speak, hesitant to fight, intimidated, deprived or forgotten.

Robotus AI will help Robotus, the organization, to educate people to accept the inevitably arriving artificial forms of life and provide solutions for making our coexistence more pleasant. Like a wise friend, it will be available for everyone to seek advice. Humanitarian organizations may use its capabilities to advance their respective tasks in resolving issues of hunger, medical help and decent life conditions for everyone.